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We make the wooden aluminium window solution based on a regular wooden window by using the more modern-looking angular aluminium profiles. The wooden material consists of high-quality 3-4-glulam finger-jointed pine, which is covered with aluminium from the outside, increasing the resistance of the surface to the weather conditions.

The wooden aluminium windows are made according to the measurements, colour and style preferences of the customer.

  • Jamb and frame thickness 95 or 105mm
  • Two seals in the window frame
  • Additional sealing in the window jamb
  • 3-glaze, Ug 0.5Wm2K
  • Glazing from the inside with seals, from the outside with silicone
  • Aluminium profile has additional protection against corrosion
  • Wind resistance class C5
  • Water resistance class 9A
  • Sound insulation Rw(C; Ctr): 32 (-1;-4) dB
  • Air throughput class 4
  • The window has the CE marking
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