Terrace doors

Our terrace doors are made on the basis of the German-type window that opens inwards, using a low threshold that has no thermal bridge. It has a handle inside and outside, locking of the euro lock core or simpler Yale lock system. Terrace doors are made of 3–4-gluelam finger-jointed pine, according to the customer’s measurements, colour and style preferences.

Ysse color card

Terrace door with low threshold

  • Jamb and frame thickness of the terrace door based on window is 78 or 88mm
  • Three sealings in the jamb-frame joint
  • 3-glaze, Ug 0.6Wm2K or Ug 0.5Wm2K
  • Calculated thermal conductivity of the window of 1200x1400mm is Uw = 0.89 W/m2K or Uw = 0.79 W/m2K
  • Glazing inside and sealing outside
  • Low threshold 40mm
  • Wind resistance class C5
  • Water resistance class 9A
  • Sound insulation Rw(C; Ctr): 32 (-1;-6-lg-6">
  • Glazing iv class=assla no thermal bridge. It has a handlmasurements,;C5
  • Water resistance class 9A
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