Fireguard windows

YSSE EI30 certified fireguard windows are used in the walls of buildings that are located very close to each other, where there is a need for additional light from outside in order to prevent the spreading of fire from building to building. The 3-glaze energy-efficient fireguard windows comply with fire class EI30. We use the concealed hinges system for the openable fireguard window. We make the fireguard windows with a 92mm frame and jamb of 3-4-glulam finger-jointed pine according to the customer’s measurements and colour solutions.

NB! The product functions as a fireguard window only when closed.

Ysse color card

  • Jamb and frame thickness 92mm
  • Two seals in the window frame
  • Additional sealing in the window jamb
  • 3-glaze, Ug 0.7Wm2K 92
  • Calculated thermal conductivity Uw = 1.00 W/m2K* for window of 1200x1400mm
  • Glazing from the inside with seals, from the outside with silicone
  • Glass slates with screws
  • Concealed tongues
  • Wind resistance class C5
  • Water resistance class E1050
  • Sound insulation Rw(C; Ctr): 37 (-1;-5) dB
  • Air throughput class 4
  • The window has the CE marking
  • The window is EI30 certified
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