How to choose a window

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Windows are the eyes of a house and a lot depends on the eyes.

Windows determine the overall impression of the façade as well as how much natural light is let into the room. Modern energy-efficient glazed windows help keeping rooms warm and decrease heating costs.

When looking around on the market, anyone can see that the selection is immense, there are many manufacturers, even more sellers – what should one keep in mind when selecting windows and front doors? What should you prefer?

Rainer Roos, production manager of Ysse OÜ, the window and door manufacturer operating in Üsse village, Läänemaa says that nowadays customers should prefer windows with energy-saving glazing, which use modern wooden profiles, heat-saving sealing and safe closing systems fixed in several points.

Selective glasses reflect the exiting heat rays back to the room and thereby decrease energy loss. At the same time, they do not change the tone of the window glass or decrease how much light goes through. Furthermore, when selecting glasses, customers should keep in mind that the product is the so-called warm packs, i.e. the internal slates between the glazing would not be made of metal as was very common before, because thanks to larger thermal bridges they promote moisture on the edges of the glazing and especially on the bottom edge. Humidity in the morning on the external glass only is a characteristic of a heat retaining window, which shows that the heat from the room does not pass through several layers of glass on the surface, but remains in the room.

Finishing is very important when it comes to wooden windows. The wooden elements are finished at the factory in Läänemaa with surface paints that protect against UV rays. The right paint covers well, allows humidity pass through and resists changes caused by the elements, because wood tends to change when humidity gets to it.

Windows are the eyes of a house and a lot depends on the eyes.

A lot of glass is used for modern buildings, high windows that reach from the ceiling to the floor, could they be a risk?

When choosing windows, attention should be paid to personal safety. When broken, tempered glass will become non-hazardous debris and in case of laminated glass, the laminating film does not allow it to fall out from the opening.

Are wooden windows suitable for, e.g. sauna steam room windows?

Wooden windows are the most suitable choice for the steam room, because they can be made of glulam without finger joints that thanks to its natural finishing is suitable for the interior of a steam room. The openable and closed windows made of wood profile are equipped with tempered 3-glaze glass packs, which resist larger differences in temperatures and are four to five times stronger than the non-tempered glass. The standard solution of the steam room windows includes concealed hinges and wooden handles.

Energy-efficiency is the keyword for wooden windows, terrace doors and front doors, what does it mean?

It means that a good window or door helps to save on heating costs! The insulation indicators depend on materials, profile thickness, number of sealing and assembly quality – the lower the thermal conductivity of the materials used in manufacturing, the better the insulation of the final product.
The thermal conductivity of a window is indicated with U (the thermal resistance of the entire window – Uw, thermal resistance of the glazing- Ug) and therefore it is worth remembering that the lower the U number, the better insulating qualities and the better you feel when you are near windows with good thermal qualities.

After the windows and doors have been installed on the building, what next? Should I maintain them somehow?

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