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According to estimations, heat lost through windows makes up approximately 26% of the total heat lost in a building; modern energy-efficient windows help to decrease that loss. If you choose bright energy-efficient glazing that allows more natural light to enter the rooms, you increase the sense of comfort and well-being and decrease the use of artificial lighting.



The modern and efficient sun protection glasses are characterised by the following keywords: low sun factor, higher level of visible light, neutral optics and insulation. SGG COOL-LITE SKN glasses combine the advantages of the high-tech covering into an especially neutral sun protection glass.



Sunlight contains ultraviolet light that may be hazardous for people as well as furnishings, window and furniture covering.


ohutus SAFETY

If safety is important for you, choose tempered or laminated glazing for your windows. Safety glazing will help you protect yourself and your family against potential injuries from broken glass. Safety glazing helps to prevent burglars and intruders from attacking your home.
Tempered and laminated glass helps to create a safe and secure home.



Laminated glass can now be chosen with a thin acoustic film that protects against the fading effect of the UV rays. SILENCE film offers a new method for noise reduction and works efficiently in different noise environments.



Let nature do your work. SGG BIOCLEAN is a self-cleaning glass that drastically changes the regular window-washing process.


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