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During the period from 02.12.2016 to 30.11.2017 Ysse OÜ’s application for the fireguard window certification EI30 was supported by the European Union Structural Fund

During the period from 02.2017 to 04.2017 YSSE OÜ’s acquisition of fixed assets was supported by Enterprise Estonia’s start-up aids programme in the amount of € 15,000

Ysse OÜ has received support for purchasing and installing the aspiration system for its wood processing equipment within the framework of the rural development support arising from the 2014-2020 Common Agricultural Policy through the Estonian Rural Development Plan of the PRIA Leader programme. The support was also facilitated by MTÜ Kodukant Läänemaa.

The aim of the investment is to improve efficiency and productivity of work and increase competitiveness.

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“ A door is the business card to a house “, the front door greets the family as well as the visitors and is an important element in forming the style and overall image of a building.

Solid wood front doors are made of high-quality pine or oak according to the customer’s measurements, colour and style preferences.

Wooden doors are long-lasting and save energy.

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Windows are a façade element through which light and fresh air can enter a room.

The one-frame 3-glazed windows that open inward are manufactured from certified and controlled pine. The orders are manufactured based on special measurements and colour solutions.

Wooden windows made with heart make your home beautiful.

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